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28 Aug 2010

Garden Grilling Class

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August’s garden grilling class moved next door to the Love House lawn. What a beautiful evening! Take a look at our fabulous menu and the happy students who enjoyed the evening of slicing and dicing, great food, new recipes, in celebration of Goin Native’s first anniversary. Italian...

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22 Aug 2010

Peter Rabbit Garden Basket

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Six smart bunnies avoided Mr. McGregor and came to the Goin Native garden to learn the benefits of growing their own vegetables. They played with and fed red wiggly worms, and each planted a basket filled with a variety of lettuces, bell pepper, stevia (the sugar plant) and marigolds.

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18 Aug 2010

Community Service Leaders of the Year

On August 17th Mayor Lon Uso presented Janet Crowther and Marianne Taylor with San Juan Capistrano’s Community Service Leader Award for the year 2010. This award commemorates their hard work and dedication through volunteerism in the community.

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15 Aug 2010

Tribute to our garden dog, Bear

Our dog Bear starting helping us in the garden many years ago…she loved to dig, and what lab doesn’t? I would reward her with a treat after redirecting her digging to help me make holes for my plantings…honestly, it worked!

Bear dug most of my tough holes that were impacted with clay....

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Mission Statement

Goin Native Therapeutic Gardens is committed to providing horticultural education, emotional & physical rehabilitation, and practical life skills to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, while promoting environmental sustainability and saving community resources.

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Garden Angels

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